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The civil organization Fundar discovered that El Universal Compañía Periodística Nacional S.A. de C.V. in 2016 received around 240.9 millions of Mexican pesos for government advertising only; from this amount, 49.9 millions of pesos were used exclusively for the web page which makes it the online news outlet that acquired most contracts with the government.


In July 2017, six columnists resigned their publishing space in this media because it was against the establishment of the National Anticorruption System. Several days later in solidarity with the journalists four NGOs also resigned their cooperation with the media.

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Ownership Structure is a website owned by El Universal, Compañía Periodística Nacional S.A. de C.V.

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Félix Fulgencio Palavicini - Palvacini was an engineer, politician and journalist. Through his media outlet and his proximity to the political power he was able to become a Congressman at the time when the existing Federal Constitution was adopted. He had a fruitful career as a diplomat and many of his books were printed in governmental premises.

Affiliated Interests Ceo

Juan Francisco Ealy Ortiz- is the Executive President and the President of the Administrative Council of El Universal since 1969. Officially he does not have businesses additional to this media outlet. His public life unfolds between El Universal and his participation in different citizen councils, such as the Foundation UNAM (Autonomous National University of Mexico), the Attorney General's Office and the trust of the National Institute of Public Health, among else. His son, Juan Francisco Ealy Jr. is the general director of El Universal.

Affiliated Interests Editor-In-Chief

David Aponte- Aponte is married with the former chief of the departement of international press release of José Antonio Meade when he was Secretary of Social Development and Finance. José Antonio Meade is currently a presidential candidate for PRI (Institutional Revolutionary Party) for the next presidential term 2018-2024.

Affiliated Interests other important people

Gabriel Moysen, director of the Unit for Investigative Journalism.


Bucareli 8, colonia Centro, delegación Cuauhtémoc, Ciudad de México._x000D_(55) 5709 1313_x000D_contacto@

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According to the last report on audience of published in November 2017, the website registered 17,5 millions of visitors during September 2017, which makes this website once again the most visited one in the country whe it comes to news access. does not have public reports about its income from commercial advertising.

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