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Francisco Aguirre Gómez

Francisco Aguirre Gómez

Francisco Aguirre Gómez father, Francisco Aguirre Jiménez, founded in 1965 Organización Impulsora de la Radio, which as part of Grupo Radio Centro, today belongs to Francisco Aguirre Gómez. Aguirre Jiménez was running the open-TV Canal 13 from 1968 to 1972.

During the first public tender for TV channels in Mexico the participants were Grupo Imagen and Grupo Radio Centro; Aguirre Gómez offered 3 millions of Mexican pesos, which at the end he couldn't pay. He was disqualified from the tender but the Federal Institute for Telecommunications kept the 415 millions of pesos he paid as guarantee.

In 2011 the then Mexican President Felipe Calderón awarded him for his contributions in the media industry, and two months later he received Premio Antena de Oro from the Federation of Associations of Radio and TV from Spain.

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Francisco, María Adriana and Ana María Aguirre Gómez - The siblings are part of the Executive Board of Grupo Radio Centro listed on the Mexican Stock Exchange Market, but it is not known what porcentage of shares they own.

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