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Polanco Family

Polanco Family

The Polanco family consists of Jesús de Polanco, who founded Grupo PRISA, and his two sons: Manuel Polanco, board member and president of Grupo PRISA, and Ignacio Polanco, who was presiding over the Group until 2012 and currently serves as honorary president of the media conglomerate.

Jesús Polanco was one of the most important businessman in Spain and at a certain point he was considered as one of the 250 richest men in the world, according to the Forbes magazine. Thanks to his small editorial and his connections with the totalitarian government of Francisco Franco, he accumulated sufficient capital to establish the daily newspaper El País and serve as his president. That daily was the beginning for the conglomerate Promotora de Informaciones Sociedad Anónima, or Grupo PRISA, which thanks to its books, newsletters, radio stations and digital media reaches 700 million people in 23 countries. Jesús Polanco died in 2007.

Manuel Polanco, son of Jesús de Polanco, is the current board member and President of the Managing Board. In Mexico, he was the General Director of the daily newspaper La Prensa and founder of the American version of El País with HQ in Mexico. He has also been managing the editorial Santillana in Chile and Peru and launched the department for production and video. Since the 1st of January 2018 he holds his current position.

Ignacio Polanco is the other son of Jesús de Polanco and he has been board member, vice president and president of Grupo PRISA until 2007. Thanks to the fact that he listed the conglomerate at the New York Stock Exchange Market, and his work with the Group‘s foundations he was named as honorary president of the Group.

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