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Stereo Cien 100.1 (XHMM-FM)

Stereo Cien 100.1 FM combines news with music in English. Enfoque Noticias is its principal information section, with four daily releases from Monday to Friday. Leonardo Curzio, one of the star commentators of this media, was obliged by Edilberto Huesca Perrotín to fire two of his collaborators at the end of 2017 for being critical towards PRI (Institutional Revolutionary Party). These collaborators were María Amparo Casar and Ricardo Raphael. Curzio denied firing them and instead he resigned his position of commentator after doing it for 18 years. 

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NRM Comunicaciones, S.A de C.V.


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Edilberto Huesca Perrotín is the President of the Managing Board and Executive President of NRM. It is unknown if there are other shareholders in the company. 
Radio XHMM-FM, S.A. de C.V., property of NRM Comunicaciones, is the concessionary that operates the frequency of Stereo Cien 100.1FM.  

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Edilberto Huesca Perrotín - Executive President and President of the Managing Board of NRM (Núcleo Radio Mil) Comunicaciones; founder of Sociedad Mexicana de la Radio. He has had various different positions in the governing board of the Mexican Chamber of Television and Radio Broadcasters.  

Affiliated Interests Ceo

Germán Huesca Bustamante - One of the sons of Edilberto Huesca Perrotín. Since 2016 he is the General Director of NRM Comunicaciones. 

Affiliated Interests other important people

Mauricio Huesca Bustamante - Also son of Edilberto Huesca Perrotín. He has had various different positions in NRM Comunicaciones (from marketing director to deputy general director), although it is not clear which is his current position in the company. He was the President of the Governing Board of the Association of Broadcasters of Valle de México in the term 2008-2010.

His name is linked with the Tecnoradio scandal, where a supposedly new company participated on a public tender and won 37 frequencies in 2017, but it turned out that the company is related with the same radio broadcasters as always: Radiorama (founded by Javier Pérez de Anda and Adrián Pereda) and NRM Comunicaciones. It was discovered that the legal representative of Tecnoradio, Alí Eduardo Bañuelos, is married with Viviana Toscano, niece of Javier Pérez de Anda. At the same time, Lorena Pérez Toscano, daughter of Javier Pérez de Anda and relative of the wife of Alí Eduardo Bañuelos, is married to Mauricio Huesca Bustamante.  


Prolongación Paseo de la Reforma 115 Col. Paseo de las Lomas, Santa Fe, C.P. 01330, Ciudad de México, México.  Teléfono: 01 55 

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The web page of NRM Comunicaciones includes basic information about the company but does not publish who participates in its governing board. 

In the public registry for concessions of the Federal Institute of Telecommunications there are no documents about Radio XHMM-FM, S.A. de C.V., the concessionary that operates the frequency of Stereo Cien 100.1FM.  

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