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W Radio (XEW-AM) 

XEW-AM was the first commercial station with national coverage known as “The voice of Latin America from Mexico” because its signal was reaching other countries from the continent. In 2001 Grupo Prisa acquired 50% of Sistema Radiópolis S.A de C.V.; the latter is the radio broadcast group of Televisa where W Radio belongs too. The station transmits newscasts produced for television by Noticieros Televisa as well as live programmes with news, entertainment and music.

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Media Companies / Groups

Grupo Radio Centro SAB de C.V.

Grupo Televisa S.A.B.


Ownership Structure

W Radio is part of Sistema Radiópolis S.A de C.V, company equally owned by Grupo Televisa S.A.B and the Spanish company Promotora de Informaciones, S.A. (PRISA).  

Voting Rights

Electing the general director of Sistema Radiópolis and the removal of counselors requires the unanimous approval of Televisa and PRISA at the Managing Board. Grupo Televisa can name unilaterally the majority of the members of the Managing Board and can also appoint the financial director. 

Media Companies / Groups

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Emilio Azcárraga Vidaurreta - In the 1930s, he founded the radio stations XEW-AM and XEQ-AM in partnership with Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) and Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS). Pioneer in the sale of recorded programmes, he sales the starring contents from his stations to other local stations and abroad. After participating in the introduction of the national commercial radio, he co-founded Telesistema Mexicano S.A in the 1950s, company which two decades later becomes Televisa.  


Ignacio Reglero Enedáguila

Affiliated Interests Editor-In-Chief

Bernardo Gómez Martínez - Executive Co-president of Grupo Televisa S.A.B since January 2018 (before he was the Executive Vice President). The company does not reveal if after his promotion Gómez was relieved of his duties as responsible for content at Noticieros Televisa. Gómez is also a member of the Managing Board of Univisión Communications Inc.

Affiliated Interests other important people

Manuel Polanco Moreno - Son of Jesús Polanco, the founder of the Spanish daily El País. Non-executive Chairman of Promotora de Informaciones, S.A. (PRISA) since January 2018 (before that he was Executive Vice President). He takes over the lead after the company's losses during the last decade: nearly 60% of its value at the Spanish Stock Exchange has decreased under the executive presidency of Juan Luis Cebrián. 


Dirección: Calz. de Tlalpan No. 3000 Col. Espartaco. Ciudad de México. CP 04870

Teléfono: (01) 800 718 14 14

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There is no publicly available information about the key owners of PRISA. The company does not inform either on its web page or financial reports if there is any and who holds the position of executive president.  

Bernardo Gómez Martínez appears as the responsable for Noticieros Televisa on the web page In the section for investors on the same web page there is information about his promotion to Executive Copresident of Grupo Televisa S.A.B, but there is no information about his position in Noticieros.

W Radio does not inform on its web page who is the executive director of W Radio and/or Sistema Radiópolis.

Francisco Javier Mérida Guzmán was the CEO of Radiópolis at the end of 2009, according to a document (F-20) that Grupo Televisa S.A.B presented in front of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission that same year. However, Francisco Mérida or the position of CEO are not mentioned in the same F-20 form presented in 2016. 

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