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In Mexico, around 70 million people are connected to the Internet. This number represents around 63% of the total population. Although almost two thirds of the Mexicans live in poverty, the number of Internet users puts the country in the top ten list of countries with most Internet users in the world, according to Internet World Stats - platform specialized in web statistics.

The MOM Mexico project considers the 13 most visited news websites according to the findings of Comscore – a company specialized in Internet publicity. Only 38% of the websites are independent in their editorial policy and are normally critical towards the government and its allies; the rest 62% depend on other traditional media for their contents, and with editorial policies favorable to national or foreign economically and politically powerful actors.

The increasing number of people that access the news through web portals coincides with the credibility crisis that the traditional media are going through. In 2017, Parametría, an enterprise specialized in opinion research, found out in 2007 75% of the population was getting informed through television and only 10% through the Internet. Today, according to a 2017 Digital News Report by the Reuters Institute, 91% of the population uses the Internet as a reliable source of information, whereas the television has lost 10% of users for this purpose.

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