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According to the National Registry for Printed Media of the Ministry of Interior hundreds of titles are registred. Market research firms consider a number of around 400 journals, magazines and gazettes in effective circulation as valid.

Of the most relevant ones around 25 daily newspapers are published in Mexico City, besides around 200 regional newspapers. The printed press receives around 17% of the government advertising, according to official figures.

MOM Mexico selected the ten most influential newspapers, seven of which emerged already a century ago and only three having been launched in the last two decades. Most of the owners of printed media are families that have been inheriting and passing this lucrative business from one generation to another.

80% of the analyzed newspapers have an editorial policy that is predominantly aligned with the interests of the former political party PRI (Partido Revolucionario Institucional), which coincides with the fact that those newspapers receive most of the government’s advertising budget.

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