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Vargas family

Vargas family

The Vargas family has been involved in the media market in Mexico since the 1960s. Grupo MVS is a conglomerate of companies which integrates MVS Radio, MVS Telecomunicaciones and Corporación Mexicana de Restaurantes, which has been owned by the family for generations. MVS Radio has more than 100 regional broadcasts in Mexico and in nine additional Spanish-speaking American countries including United States. 

Media Companies / Groups
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Restaurant franchise
Production of events
Private business channels
Production services (locations)
Sale of signals for cable TV

Family & Friends

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Felipe Chao Ebergenyi - Vice President for institutional Relations in MVS and he was the one to communicate to the public in 2015 that the journalist Carmen Aristegui is leaving MVS unreasonably. His brother is Andrés Chao Ebergenyi, Undersecretary for Media Regulations at the Mexican Ministry for Interior. He works with the communication media as a spokesperson and coordinador for the government; he is also in charge of applying the rules and regultations for the radio, TV and cinema sector.

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